Eureka's Sparkle Stage - A Monthly Challenge You Can't Miss!

Eureka's Sparkle Stage - A Monthly Challenge You Can't Miss!

Posted by Aga O on 25th Aug 2023

Are you ready to bring your dazzling bead creations into the spotlight? We're thrilled to introduce Sparkle Stage, a monthly extravaganza where your beadwork becomes the star!

Starting August 25th, keep your eyes on our Facebook page every last Friday of each month as we drop a theme for our creative beading audience to interpret. Your mission? Show off your beadwork by sharing photos that match the theme in the comment section of our post!

The best part? It’s about fun and appreciation, yes, but not only that, because we've got some seriously regal titles up for grabs: Sparkle Queen or King! The crown? It's not just metaphorical—winners will see their creations featured on our homepage. And wait, there's more! We've got 500 Sparkle Points ready to gift to each winner, redeemable for some bead-tastic shopping at

What are Sparkle Points?

So, look through your creations, get ready to shine, and join us for a whole lot of creativity, community, and appreciation. Come on to the Sparkle Stage and let’s get this show on the road!



  • We will announce the new theme on the last Friday of each month at 10:00 AM (ET)
  • Anyone can post photos of their beadwork in the comment section of the Facebook post (which will be pinned on our fanpage) for a month – until the last Wednesday of the following month, 11:59 PM. Then we have one day to count the votes and decide on our winner.
  • We will announce the winners of each given month’s Sparkle Stage on the Last Friday of that month at 9:00 AM (ET) – an hour before we announce the next month’s theme.


  • To enter, you have to post a picture of your work in a comment under the post announcing the theme on Facebook.
  • You can post as many comments as you want – each photo of a different piece you made will be counted as a separate entry.
  • To enter, you do not have to be registered at or even follow us on Facebook, but to receive your award, you will need a customer account.


  • All techniques and levels of advancement are acceptable.
  • You can post your new pieces as well as ones from years back, you do not have to create your piece specifically for Sparkle Stage! Post anything you are proud of.
  • You CAN post beadwork made according to a tutorial, but if you do, credit the author of the tutorial.
  • Interpret the theme any way you want! Some themes will be more clear-cut, like “red beads” or “SuperDuos”, but some will be more abstract, such as, for instance, “Fantasyland” — and in that case, you can post anything as long as you include an explanation how your piece relates to the theme.
  • Your beaded piece does not have to be made of supplies purchased from, but it cannot in any way promote a different bead store (e.g. by featuring elements exclusive for and associated with a different bead store, made according to an exclusive tutorial by a different bead store).
  • By posting a comment with a photo under the Sparkle Stage post, you give Eureka Crystal Beads your consent to edit it (to add the Sparkle Queen/King Badge) and share it in our media & on our website if your beaded piece wins.


Each month, Sparkle Stage will have 2 winners:

  1. A Sparkle Queen chosen by the Eureka Team and
  2. A Sparkle Queen chosen by the public through Facebook reactions – likes, hearts & other reactions to comments with photos; the photo with the most reactions wins the title.

The prize for each winner includes:

  1. The title of Eureka’s Sparkle Queen, together with a badge we will add to your photo when we share it,
  2. The winner’s work being featured (alone or together with the second winner) on home page for at least 1 week and up to 4 weeks,
  3. 500 Sparkle Points, awarded to the winner’s customer account at

Winners will be contacted through Facebook Messenger to confirm the customer account to which we should award the 500 points.

If you win, but do not have a customer account, you can create one after we contact you. Sparkle Points will be awarded to customer accounts only and cannot be exchanged for cash or store credit.

Last but not least: appreciate other beaders! Let’s make this an opportunity to share positive emotions, give well-deserved praise, express appreciation and celebrate passion and love for beads & beading!

Let the fun begin!

Go to our Facebook post with the theme for September (post your entries in the comments until September 27th, 11:59 PM)!

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