What's in the Underground Cavern Beads Collection from Eureka and Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry?

What's in the Underground Cavern Beads Collection from Eureka and Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry?

The wait is over and we finally go tour first collab with Stephanie from Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry in 2024. As always, the inspiration, the palette, the selection of beads—every choice here is original and so well thought-through!

The Underground Cavern Collection, as explained by Stephanie, was inspired by cenotes,

stunning underground caves that exist in the Yucatan Peninsula (…) filled with crystal clear fresh water that are actually sinkholes where the earth collapsed to expose magical underground limestone caverns with these gorgeous pools of water.

The collection is packed with Austrian & Czech crystal, seed beads & Czech glass in deep blues and teals that reflect the colors of the water, as well as with beads in shades of silver, pewter and beige which are reminiscent of the palette on the walls and ceilings of the caves. As a whole, the collection is a truly exquisite combination and a masterful assembly of supplies that will be perfect for simple as well as more complex beaded designs, making Underground Cavern a great choice for literally anyone who enjoys the color palette, no matter their skill level.

So, what exactly do you get in one collection? Here’s what Bronzepony included: 5 tubes of seed beads, 4 portions of Czech glass beads, 7 packs of crystal beads (including one of 8mm crystal pearls), 9 Austrian crystal stones, and a set of findings, in gold and in silver. For a detailed look at all the supplies in the collection, watch our unboxing on YouTube, or simply head on over to the collection page and you will see all the included products listed right below the collection itself! Don't worry if you see certain items on the list showing as "Out of Stock"; they will still be included in your collection, we just don't have extras available separately.

We love our collections. Since they are not a subscription, they’re completely commitment-free; you just get the ones you like, and you can get as many as your heart desires. Plus, not only are they always a really great deal, they are a palette pre-selected for you by a designer, with all the best quality beads and findings, which, if you prefer, you can get from us separately as well. And isn’t a beautiful curated collection complete with an inspiration photo insert just the perfect gift for any creative person?

4th May 2024 Aga O.

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