The Brilliance of Krakovski Crystal Flatbacks

The Brilliance of Krakovski Crystal Flatbacks

Introducing Krakovski Crystal Flat Back Rhinestones: Make Your World Sparkle!

The Brilliance of Krakovski Crystal Now Available in Flat Back Form

We’re thrilled to finally introduce the latest addition to the Krakovski Crystal family: flat back rhinestones. Yes, beading with Krakovski Crystal is great, how about a change and a bit of more relaxing, less demanding form of blinging up your world? Encrusting almost any surface you like easily with non-hotfix flatbacks was something that was seriously missing here.

These exquisite crystal stones combine fabulous quality with affordability, making them a must-have for all your bling-worthy projects. This combination of quality & great value for money makes Krakovski flat back rhinestones a perfect option for those who are just starting, and a wonderful solution for those who have been covering their belongings with rhinestones for years.

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More than Satisfying Shine and Clarity

Krakovski Crystal rhinestones are just like their fancy stone counterparts in that they reflect light with fantastic brilliance and are made to meet the needs of all crafters, from casual & beginner to professional and prolific. The form of a flatback, however, allows them to boast better clarity and even better sparkle. When the light hits them, they come alive, adding a proper dose of glamour to any design and any surface you put them on. Whether you’re embellishing clothing, accessories, or home decor items, these crystals will make your creations stand out.

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The Classic Timeless Cut

One of the factors behind Krakovski flat back crystals' allure lies in their classic 12+1 facet cut. This simple yet elegant design ensures optimal light refraction, creating a mesmerizing play of light and color. Whether you’re going for a vintage look or a modern aesthetic, these flat back rhinestones are versatile enough to suit any style and they are sure to make you feel absolutely dazzling whenever you wear them or even simple carry a bedazzled item around with you.

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

We're starting small and we have only added several of our most popular shades plus some of the most interesting colors. Our initial series features some timeless hues, including Crystal, Siam, and Emerald, which are perfect for adding sophistication to your designs, as well as some truly incredible color-changing variations like Volcano and Violet Blue.The perfect choice for eye-catching jewelry, decor or nail art!

Watch them shift shades as you move & see all colors sparkle in the sunlight in our Instagram Reel!

Violet Blue as seen from the side & from above:

A Size Mix for Every Project

Krakovski Crystal flat back rhinestones come in convenient & balanced size mixes, ranging from tiny 1.5-1.6mm

SS4 crystals to the 4.6-4.8mm SS20 stones.

These size variations allow you to create intricate graduated designs as well as entirely cover surfaces with ease. Whether you’re bedazzling a phone case or designing show-stopping nail art decor, these rhinestone mixes have you covered.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

To ensure a comfortable creative process as well as to achieve professional results, you’ll need the right tools. Here’s some essentials we recommend:

  • Adhesive: use a dedicated rhinestone adhesive like the water-based odorless GemTac glue or the more versatile & very strong E600 glue. These glues provide a strong bond without damaging neither the crystal backs nor fabrics or surfaces.
  • Gem Picker/Positioning Tool: precision matters, and a convenient gem picker can help you avoid much frustration! Invest in a gem picker and/or a positioning tool such as The BeadSmith's CRYSTAL FX PICKUP ARTIST, which also comes in a kit containing some rhinestone trays and a glue syringe, or a just as perfect simple classic gem picker to place each rhinestone exactly where you want it, and with ease.

Shine Bright with Krakovski Crystal!

Are they better than the top-quality Preciosa flatbacks? No. Are they absolutely beautiful and just as sparkly, for a much lower price? 100% YES! 

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Krakovski Crystal flat back rhinestones combine affordability, quality, and versatility, and we are sure they will satisfy all your bling bling needs! It's worth trying them out and seeing their brilliance in person, whether you’re a fashion designer, a craft enthusiast, or a DIY diva! Explore our selection, unleash your creativity, and let your designs shine!

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