Cabochons Stones

Cabochons are domed stones with a polished, smooth top and a flat bottom. Cabochons can be glued onto a flat surface, set in findings and are commonly used in bead embroidery. We carry Lucite Cabochons, Glass Cabochons and Gemstone Cabochons. 

The Magical World of Cabochons

In the beading world, cabochon refers to any element that is flat on one side and has a rounded and domed top. This shape name is borrowed from the world of gemstones where the term cabochon refers to a gemstone without facets. Traditional cabochons do not have holes however there is a shape of Czech glass bead also called a cabochon which has a lovely flat back and domed top, this bead style has two holes and is excellent for making bracelets! Cabochons have a flat back which makes them perfect for applications such as bead embroidery or for beading a bezel around them. Their smooth rounded dome tops often create a subtle look of an inner glow rather than the exuberant sparkle found in fancy stones with all their many cuts and facets. Cabochons come in a wide variety of materials such as natural semi-precious gemstone, lucite, glass and pearlized crystal. Cabochons also come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and effects. Whether you’re looking to accessorize with large statement jewelry or you’re just starting with small beaded jewelry, Cabochons are an excellent starting point for creating gorgeous beaded jewelry! And if you’re wondering where you can find these beauties, we’ve got your back! 

Create Beautiful Designs with Cabochons

These vibrant stones are frequently semiprecious gemstones, also available in lucite and glass materials, with a quality that typically ranges from a lower grade to a higher grade. And there are numerous reasons for you to have such lovely pieces in your collection. 

From beautiful cabochon beads to exquisite cabochon stones, there are plenty of options for creating different types of craft projects that call for more than just simple beads. Cabochons are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Whether you want a long Gemstone Cabochon or Glass Cabochons wholesale; large lucite cabochons, or small gemstone cabochons, there are innumerable options available in them. And with so many of them, you can create as many beautiful designs as you want! 

Get Creative with Lucite, Glass, and Gemstone Cabochons

Why use glass or lucite cabochons? Although most cabochons on the market today are made of natural stone, beaders and jewelry makers are always on the lookout for the new, the versatile and the pretty! Glass cabochons can be made with a huge array of colored glass to offer colors and effects not seen in nature. Lucite, being a type of acrylic, has the advantage of being very light so you can create beautiful designs with large lucite cabs without worrying that your jewelry will be too heavy to wear! It is especially useful for the design of large statement earrings. They're also pretty common in small sizes and come in many shapes and colors and provide some natural beauty to your beadwork. There are plenty of options available in them and thus, we have mentioned the few best for you: 

  • Glass Cabochons 

These are lovely, man made stones that can be used for beadwork as well as other crafts. But man made does not mean that your glass cab will not be a unique and beautiful piece of art! Because of how molten glass behaves in the process of creating a glass cabochon, each one is its own unique galaxy of swirling colors, just as unique and beautiful as natural stone cabs. Glass cabochons come in a variety of shapes and colors for you to choose from so you can make just about anything out of them. 

  • Lucite Cabochons 

Lucite is the trade name for acrylic. Our lucite cabs have a soft glowing effect with a frosted surface that is almost magical to behold. Lucite is a synthetic material made from plastic resin and is one of the most popular materials in the jewelry industry today because of how light and durable it is. Use lucite for big statement pieces which would otherwise be too heavy to wear if you used glass or stone. 

  • Gemstone Cabochons

Gems are a favorite among bead artists because they're unique and provide so much variety. Different stones have different textures that give your project a special look you can't get from anything else. Each polished cab brings to the forefront the natural beauty and imperfections that make each stone unique and beautiful. No two will ever be alike!

So, if you want to have any of these favourite pieces at your fingertips, get them from us anytime!

Browse Our Wide Selection of Cabochons

Cabochons are a shape of stone with a flat bottom and a polished, dome like top. This type of stone features no facets like a fancy stone or flat back rhinestone and has a completely different silhouette. Using Cabochons in your beaded jewelry designs makes for stylish and timeless pieces that you’re sure to love. They are often used in pairs for earrings or one large stone for an eye catching pendant focal. So, if you want to get your hands on this beautifully carved stone, make sure to browse through our extensive collection today and discover why cabochons will never go out of style!

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Cabochon Stones are small round gems that are typically cut in half for a flat bottom, yielding a convex domed top which allows it to be applied to textiles or beaded around for a bezel setting. Many natural stones can be made into cabochons to show off their beauty including amethyst, agate, onyx, carnelian, quartz crystal, lapis lazuli, and more. So, if you're looking for Cabochon Stones wholesale, you've come to the right place! We offer wholesale options on a limited selection of products via special order. Please email us at service@eurekacrystalbeads for any wholesale inquires. At, we offer a large selection of beads that makes it easy for you to find what you need for your project.