CYMBAL MAGNETIC CLASP for SUPERDUO Beads Kypri Antique Silver Plated (Pack of 4)

SKU: CYM-SD-012499-SP-1

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Cymbal Kypri Antique Silver Plated Magnetic Clasp is a unique component designed to fit and integrate with Superduo beads.  Its superior quality and textured design will enhance your product by giving it a refined, professional look.

Cymbal Kypri Magnetic Clasp Specifications:

  • Brand: Cymbal
  • Name: Kypri 
  • Country: Greece
  • Color: Antique Silver Plated
  • Shape: Designed for Superduo
  • Material: Base Metal
  • Size: 10x13mm with ring
  • Quantity: sold by 4 pieces