Czech Glass 6mm Round Druk Beads DK BRONZE (Strand of 50)

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6mm DK BRONZE Czech Round DRUK beads are high quality beads which can be used in a variety of beading projects.

6mm Round Druk Beads DK BRONZE specifications:

  • Color: DK BRONZE
  • Category: Druk Beads
  • Shape: Round
  • Country: Czech Republic 
  • Material: Lead-Free Glass
  • Measurements: 6mm
  • Hole size: approximately 1mm
  • Quantity: sold by 50 pieces
  • 50 pieces when strung will make approximately 11.25 inch in length
  • Druk beads are smooth, have polished surface and don't have facets
  • Colors may vary from one lot to another, so buy enough to finish your project
  • Colors may not look the same in different size beads