Earring Findings

Essential Earring Components: Discover the Best Earring Findings on ECB

Earring findings are essential components used in jewelry making to create earrings. They include backs, clasps, connectors, bezel frames, bead endings, ear threads, and much more. Earring findings serve several functions, including securing the earring to the earlobe, adding aesthetic features, and allowing for a personalized touch and diversity in earring designs. These essential earring components, with their numerous styles, materials, and capabilities, provide limitless opportunities for crafting unique and personalized earrings to fit individual tastes and styles.

  • Backs are small components that secure earrings in place, they can be used as a clutch on a post or a stopper on ear wires.
  • Bead endings are findings used to neatly finish off the ends of a beaded piece, providing a clean and professional look to earrings. They often have loops or decorative designs that allow for easy attachment to other components.
  • Bezel frames are metal settings used to hold and showcase gemstones or other flat objects in for earrings, they have a raised edge that encircles the stone, securing it in place while allowing the front to be visible.
  • Clutch is a type of earring back that consists of a small metal piece with a hole or groove in the center. It is used to secure earrings by sliding onto the earring post and providing a tight grip, ensuring the earring stays in place.
  • Connectors are jewelry findings that link different components together, providing a seamless connection between beads, chains, or other elements. They can be used to add length, create multiple strands, or join various parts of earrings.
  • Earrings of over 100 different shapes and styles of ear wires, ball posts, earring bezels, and earring posts are available to choose from depending on your project needs.
  • Ear threads are unique earring findings that consist of a thin chain or thread that passes through the earlobe. They offer a versatile and adjustable way to wear earrings, allowing for different lengths and dangling elements for a trendy and fashionable look.
  • Plugs will make your ears looks stylish and cute not only from the front but the back as well.

Different types of trendy Earring Findings include:

  • Cymbal earrings for Delica and Cymbal bead endings: Earrings can be made using cylindrical Delica beads and Cymbal components, providing a lightweight and fashionable accessory option with intricate beadwork patterns. Cymbal bead endings for Delicas can be used as earring components.
  • Cymbals for GemDuo: Components used in earrings that specifically complement GemDuo beads, allowing for easy and secure attachment of these unique beads in earring designs.
  • Cymbal earrings for SuperDuoand Cymbal bead endings for Super Duo’s: The cymbal earrings using SuperDuo beads and Cymbal components offer a stylish and eye-catching accessory option with the distinctive shape and color patterns of SuperDuo beads.
  • Earring backs: Findings used to secure earrings in place, typically featuring a post or loop that goes through the earlobe and a clutch or friction back to prevent the earring from falling off.
  • Ear wire: The type of earring finding forms the hook or loop that goes through the earlobe, allowing for easy attachment of various earring components and providing a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Frames: Metal settings used in earring designs to hold and showcase various materials such as gemstones or decorative elements, providing a visually appealing and secure way to display these focal points.
  • Leverbacks: Earring findings that have a hinged lever mechanism, allowing the earring to securely clasp onto the earlobe, preventing the earring from slipping out of your ear. 
  • Link connectors: Jewelry findings that enable the connection of different components, such as beads or chains, in earring designs, offering versatility and the opportunity to create unique designs and arrangements.
  • Post earrings: Earrings that feature a straight post attached to the decorative element, allowing for easy insertion into the earlobe and offering a simple and classic earring style.
  • Rubber clutches: Small rubber or silicone attachments are used with earring backs to provide a more secure grip and prevent earrings from slipping off.
  • Silicone plugs: Soft and flexible earring findings that are used primarily in stretched ear piercings to provide a comfortable and snug fit.
  • Threads: Thin chains or threads are used in ear thread earrings, allowing for adjustable lengths and dangling elements, providing a trendy and fashionable earring style.

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