Firepolish 2mm Czech Glass Beads MILKY AMETHYST CELSIAN (Strand of 50)

SKU: FP2-Z21010


These tiny little 2mm Czech Firepolish Round Beads are approximately size 11 in seed beads. They are just right for adding a little glitter to your beading project. Use them to space out larger beads and stones, string them on one strand for an understated look or multiple strands for more effusive twinkle. 

Firepolish Beads MILKY AMETHYST CELSIAN specifications:

  • Category: Firepolish Beads
  • Shape: Round Faceted
  • Country: Czech Republic 
  • Material: Lead-Free Glass
  • Measurements: 2mm
  • Hole size: 0.5mm, fits up to 24 gauge wire or thread
  • Quantity: sold by approximately 50 pieces
  • Firepolish beads are not exactly calibrated and are all slightly different from each other
  • Colors may vary from one lot to another, so please make sure that you buy enough to finish your project
  • Colors are not uniformal across the sizes and may not look the same in different size beads
  • Colors may appear darker and more intense in larger beads, and softer and more translucent in smaller beads