Krakovski Crystal Bicone Beads 4mm PINK OPAL (Pack of 72)



Introducing our Eureka-exclusive versatile and affordable bicone beads for all your beading, bead embroidery, and DIY project needs! These beads are the perfect choice for crafters who want excellent shape consistency, beautiful color and high-quality results, especially for big projects, beading classes and pieces that need to shine! Use them in bead weaving, bead embroidery, stringing and in DIY projects. Ideal for all levels of experience, from beginners to experts. Start exploring the endless possibilities of our crystal bicone beads today and let your creativity shine! Get them in this delicate misty-milky rose pink color and make your design even more classy and chic.

Krakovski Crystal Bicone Beads 4mm PINK OPAL Specifications:

  • Color: Pink Opal
  • Shape: Bicone
  • Material: Crystal 
  • Measurements: 4mm
  • Hole size: 0.8mm, fits up to 20 gauge wire or thread (.032 inch)
  • Quantity: sold in packages of 72 pieces