Let's Bead Together Stretchy Bracelet Kit

Let's Be(ad) Together Stretchy Friendship Bracelet Kit

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Let's Bead Together Stretchy Bracelet Kit


Whether you’re in need of some fun quality time with your loved one, or you just like cute stretchy bracelets, this lovely mix-and-match bracelet kit is for you! Enjoy the 2 parts of this multi-bracelet set: the Classy one, containing white Krakovski Crystal pearls, sizes 6mm and 8mm, and an assortment of antique gold and silver spacers; and the Colorful one, containing a bunch of cute polymer clay & acrylic beads. Create your own styles and let your (actual or inner) child feel the joy of creating adorable and easy jewelry. Get one for yourself & your friend to create unforgettable and unique friendship bracelets. For ideas and instructions check out our fun and easy video tutorial!

For best results, add a dab of GS-HYPO CEMENT Glue on the knot after you tie the elastic cord.

The Kit comes in a handy cardboard box, ready to be gifted or taken out for some outdoor crafting.

The beads in this kit are enough for up to 11 adult-sized bracelets.

Let's Be(ad) Together Stretchy Friendship Bracelet Kit specifications:

  • Color: Assorted
  • Shape: Assorted
  • Material: Acrylic, Polymer clay, Crystal glass
  • Included: approx. 80 large-hole acrylic beads, approx 60 polymer clay beads, 1 strand (65 pcs.) 6mm crystal pearls, 1 strand (50 pcs.) 8mm crystal pearls, approx. 40 metal spacers, 1xtransparent elastic cord roll