Merry Mistletoe Ornament Cover Kit GREEN

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Can you hear the bells ring? Can you feel the warmth of the fire in the fireplace? Transport yourself to the warm merry days, with mistletoe inviting kisses and the colorful decorations sparkling with the joy of Holidays! Put on your favorite Christmas music, grab some thread and a needle, and have a cozy evening making this easy Merry Mistletoe ornament cover for your home, or for your loved ones. The kit comes with a QR code that will take you to the dedicated video tutorial and a Merry Mistletoe Ornament Cover FREE pattern with instructions. This ornament cover, featuring Krakovski crystal bicones, TOHO seed beads and Czech glass beads, is perfect for a 2.5” to 3” ball, but in the video, we tell you how to easily adjust the size to fit smaller or bigger ones. This kit contains enough beads to make 1 ornament cover, but if you have or order more bicones or make substitutions, the other beads should suffice for another one. Refer to the video tutorial for the exact number of bicones and Czech glass beads.

IMPORTANT INFO: You can get all the beads necessary to make this beaded cover in our Merry Mistletoe Ornament Cover Kits, but the beads included in the Kits are not the exact same beads as used in the video. For a reference on what beads are in the kit, see photos.

Merry Mistletoe Ornament Cover Kit GREEN specifications:

  • Colorway: Green
  • Type of beads: Toho Round #15;#11;#8, Toho Bugle Beads, 2-Hole Ginkgo Beads, 3-Hole Beam Beads, 2-Hole SuperDuo Beads, Krakovski Crystal Bicone Beads 3-6mm. 
  • Material: Lead-Free Glass, Crystal
  • Quantity: sold by 1 kit
  • Does not come with Fireline beading thread and beading needle