Metal Working Tools

Metal Complex provides metal working tools and other supplies to help you create lasting designs. Find handmade stamped bezels, metal blanks, metal punches, tools and more. 

Get the Essential Metal Working Tools Online at ECB

Discover a comprehensive range of essential metal working tools online at ECB, your go-to destination for all your crafting needs. Metalworking tools are must-haves for creating lasting designs and offer the means to shape, manipulate, and create intricate metal pieces. These tools empower you to craft stunning jewelry, sculptures, decorative items, and more. Let's delve into the world of metalworking tools and their diverse purposes. When exploring essential metal working tools online, you'll find a variety of options to suit your needs:

  • Round Hole Punch Pliers: This tool is perfect for creating precise holes and shaping metal surfaces. Choose from 1.25mm or 1.8mm holes.
  • Hole Punch: Discover hole punch tools in 1.5mm and 2mm sizes, allowing you to cleanly cut holes in metal for attaching findings and adding unique design elements.
  • Ball Pein Hammer: The 4 oz ball pein hammer has a comfortable 10-inch wood handle, a must-have for shaping and texturing metal to achieve intricate patterns and finishes. It features a distinctive head with two faces: a flat face on one side and a rounded, ball-shaped face on the other. The flat face is used for striking, shaping, and flattening metal surfaces, while the ball-shaped face is employed for creating textured patterns, rounding edges, and forming concave shapes. The hammer's head is typically made of hardened steel to withstand repetitive impact without deforming.
  • Texturing Hammer: This tool opens a world of creative possibilities by adding various textures to charms and pendants. Use this versatile texturing hammer to get creative with metalwork! This lightweight hammer comes with 9 different texture faces, allowing you to add varied textures to blank pendants and charms. It comes with two distinct heads that come off, allowing you to change the textures as often as you want. The ideal tool for metal stamping and texturing of all types of metallic findings, including toggles, pendants, charms, and more!
  • Alphabet Stamps: Unleash your creativity with alphabet stamps that bring a personal touch to your metalwork. Planning on making a special gift for someone for their wedding, birthday, or anniversary? Choose from options like the 3mm lower-case Storybook Alphabet Metal Stamp Set, 3mm upper-case Storybook Alphabet Metal Stamp Set, 3mm lower-case Elegant Alphabet Metal Stamp Set, as well as lower- and upper-case options in the Modern Print Alphabet Stamp Set. These stamps allow you to imprint names, words, and messages onto your metal projects, enhancing their uniqueness and sentimental value.

Types of Metal Working Tools We Offer

Types of Metal Working Tools Uses
Round Hole Punch Pliers Use these pliers to create clean and precise holes in metal sheets for attaching findings or creating connections.
Hole Punch The hole punch tool is essential for cleanly cutting holes of various sizes in metal, enabling easy attachment and design possibilities.
Ball Pein Hammer Shape and texture metal surfaces, creating distinctive patterns and effects.
Interchangeable Texturing Hammer with 9 Texture Faces This versatile texturing hammer offers nine interchangeable texture faces, allowing you to add a variety of textures to your pendants and charms.
Storybook Alphabet Metal Stamp Set Lower Case Use this set to imprint lowercase letters onto metal, personalizing your creations with names, words, or messages.
Storybook Alphabet Metal Stamp Set Upper Case Create bold and prominent uppercase letter imprints on metal surfaces for impactful and personalized designs.
Elegant Alphabet Metal Stamp Set Craft elegant and sophisticated imprints on metal using this alphabet stamp set, adding a touch of refinement to your creations. Perfect for weddings, birthdays anniversaries and holidays.
Modern Print Alphabet Stamp Set Lower Case Add a contemporary and sleek touch to your metalwork with lowercase imprints from this modern print alphabet set.
Modern Print Alphabet Metal Stamp Set Upper Case Create upper case imprints from this set to bring a bold and stylish appearance to your metal designs.