Preciosa Hotfix Flat Back Rhinestones SAPPHIRE VIVA12 ss30 (Pack of 72)

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Use Preciosa Hotfix Rhinestones to add sparkle to jeans, handbags, headdresses, costumes, leotards, shoes, interior décor and so much more! You only need to apply heat and you can avoid the mess of using glue! Preciosa Hotfix Stones have a special grey interlayer that ensures better adhesion, thereby prolonging their durability in applications even on modern elastic fabrics. Check out all the available colors, sizes and finishes! For detailed application instructions, please click here.

Preciosa is a global leader in products manufactured from crystal. From the world-famous Czech Beads and Crystal Components used in fashion industry, to tailor made Lighting projects for luxury hotels, royal palaces and yachts, the true craftsmanship of crystal production has been present in Bohemia since 16th century.

Preciosa Hotfix Flat Back Rhinestones SAPPHIRE specifications:

  • Color: Sapphire
  • Material: Crystal
  • Size: ss30 (approx. 6.4mm)
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Quantity: sold by 72 pieces