SHARPS Beading Needles Size#11-31x0.43mm (Pack of 25)

SKU: N-L4310-11


Sharps Beading Needles are similar to English Beading Needles but shorter. Sharps are perfect length for beading edges & tight areas. Sharp needles also sometimes called "shorts"- are "all purpose" needles, used for mending, general hand sewing, embroidery & even applique. John James needles are known for their very fine quality. Packed and inspected in England, made in China to European quality and specification.

Size11 SHARPS Beading Needles Specifications:

  • Brand: John James
  • Category: Beading Needles
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 31x0.43mm
  • Quantity: sold in a pack of 25 pieces