Swan Lake Collection

Graceful swans serenely glide on a tranquil lake, their reflections mirroring their elegance. Gently floating flower petals create a picturesque, ethereal scene, casting a spell of timeless beauty upon the water's surface.

Swan Lake

Curated by our super talented in house designers, this lovely bead collection contains a whimsical, Rococo-style inspired palette. This limited edition collection is the perfect composition of beads, stones and findings for fancy yet classy; ornate but lightweight beaded jewelry pieces. Full of soft dusty pinks and light teal and baby blue shades, it catches the eye with individual beads and stones in more intense apricot, rose and deep ocean hues. The color composition is woven together by the metallics: rose gold and antique copper. Let us invite you on a journey into the tranquil dreamland, where inspiration flows like water and your creativity can take flight!

Dive into the Eureka Collections and discover innovative color palettes with the highest quality beads including Japanese seed beads, Czech glass, Krakovski Crystal, Preciosa Crystal, high quality findings and more!

This is not a subscription. You can purchase the whole Collection at a significant discount or pick and choose just the items you like individually. It's up to you!