Beading Needles

Needles in various lengths & sizes available for all your beading needs! 

Our needles come in a range of sizes to fit even the tiniest of seed beads. Whether you need needles for loom beadwork, off-loom beading stitches such as peyote, brick stitch, herringbone, netting, or others. We have it all right here at ECB!

Shop Beading Needles Online: The Ultimate Collection of Beading Needles for Jewelry Making Enthusiasts

If you are a jewelry-making enthusiast, having the right tools is essential. Among the abundance of supplies, beading needles play a crucial role in many jewelry-making techniques and give the ability to execute intricate designs. Shop beading needles online to significantly enhance the overall beading experience, and make the brick stitch, netting, loom beadwork, peyote, and herringbone a breeze! With so many options available, you will be sure to find the right needles for your projects. We explore a handpicked selection of top-quality beading needles that will undoubtedly elevate your jewelry-making experience. Explore the ultimate collections from PONY, TULIP, BIG EYE, COLOREYES, ENGLISH, SHARPS, Miyuki Extra Fine Beading Needles, and others.

  • PONY Beading Needles: PONY is a high-quality well-known English brand in the beading community, and their beading needles are no exception. Crafted from premium-grade nickel-coated stainless steel, PONY beading needles offer exceptional strength and durability. These needles are longer than standard sewing needles and come in various sizes, making them versatile for different bead types and stringing techniques.
  • TULIP Beading Needles: TULIP beading needles are synonymous with excellence. Manufactured in Japan, these needles are meticulously made with high-quality materials, including flexible yet sturdy steel. Shop beading needles online and check out their smooth, rounded tips. TULIP needles effortlessly glide through beads and fabrics, reducing the risk of snags or breakage. They come in an array of sizes, catering to various jewelry-making applications, from delicate seed bead stitching to more intricate designs.
  • BIG EYE Beading Needles: As the name suggests, BIG EYE beading needles have a unique eye design that allows you to easily thread even the tiniest beads. These needles are perfect for those who struggle with traditional needle threading due to poor eyesight or dexterity issues. BIG EYE needles are available in different lengths, ensuring you have the right tool for any project, whether you're working on bracelets, necklaces, or earrings.
  • ENGLISH Beading Needles: ENGLISH beading needles are manufactured in England and are known for their versatility and reliability. Made from stainless steel, these needles are robust enough to handle heavy-duty beading projects. The sharp points allow for precise beadwork, while the slender build fits effortlessly through bead holes of all sizes.
  • COLOREYES by BeadSmith Beading Needles: For those who love a color-coded system, COLOREYES beading needles are the choice of needles for you! The eye is color coated, so you can instantly tell what size the needle is. These needles are very fine and long making them the perfect choice for herringbone, netting, brick, loom weaving, and peyote ensuring your projects are top-notch.
  • SHARPS Beading Needles: If you require precision in your beadwork, SHARPS beading needles are the way to go. Sometimes called “shorts” they are similar to English beading needles but shorter. With their ultra-fine points, these needles are perfect for beading edges and tight areas. They are made from durable steel. SHARPS needles maintain their sharpness even after extended use, making them a reliable choice.
  • Miyuki Extra Fine Beading Needles: Miyuki offers extra fine beading needles that are exceptionally thin and flexible. These needles are specially designed to work great with Miyuki Delica beads and other small seed beads, making them a staple for bead weaving projects. Miyuki extra fine beading needles allow you to create intricate designs. An absolute necessity for all beaders!

Finding the Right Size and Type of Beading Needle for Your Project

Finding the right needle size type is a critical aspect of any jewelry-making or beadwork project. The choice of the needle can significantly impact the ease of working with different beads and the overall success of your design. To select the perfect beading needle types for your project, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  • Needle Sizes: Beading needles come in various sizes, typically in sizes 10, 11, 12, and 13. The larger the number, the thinner the needle. For large beads or thicker threads, a lower number like 10 or 12 is suitable. Smaller beads and fine threads require higher numbers like 13 for easier passage through the bead holes.
  • Bead Type: Consider the type of beads you'll be working with. For seed beads, a thin and flexible needle size such as 12 or 13 is ideal. If you're using larger beads or gemstones, a size 10 needle offers better support and threading.
  • Beading Technique: Different beading techniques require specific needle types. For intricate bead weaving stitches like peyote or brick stitch, a long and thin needle is preferred. For basic stringing, a short needle with a standard eye works well.
  • Thread Thickness: Match the needle size to your thread thickness. Thin threads like Nymo or Fireline pair well with size 12 or 13 needles, while thicker threads like C-Lon or S-Lon are better suited to size 10 needles.
  • Eye Type: Consider the eye of the needle. Traditional needles have small eyes suitable for standard threads. However, if you're using multiple strands or thicker cords, opt for needles with larger eyes like BIG EYE needles for easier threading.
  • Project Complexity: The complexity of your project influences the needle choice. For intricate, detailed designs, look for extra fine needles like Miyuki or Tulip. For general beadwork, beading needles like PONY or ENGLISH will be the right choice.
  • Personal Preference: Everyone has different preferences when it comes to beading needles. Experiment with different beading needle types and sizes to find the one that feels most comfortable and efficient for you.
Needles sizes  
Size #10 Thickest
Size #11 Thick
Size #12 Thin
Size #13 Thinnest