What's in the Summer Citrus Collection?

What's in the Summer Citrus Collection?

Summer is just around the corner, and we're bringing you the most vibrant, juicy and fresh collection we could ever make!

Saturated, bright colors give you a burst of energy, and you can’t help but giggle as you pucker your face when the zesty juice touches your tongue. You breathe in the intense scent that takes you somewhere green and exotic… A perfect refreshing splash of flavor on a scorching hot summer day!

The Summer Citrus Collection is quite an original one. It does feature the elements we always make sure to include, like Krakovski fancy stones, a strand of crystal pearls, or seed beads, including a tube of TOHO Treasures, one of TOHO round 11/0s, one of Miyuki round 11/0s... We did throw in a handful of practical and pretty findings as well, this time in shades of copper!

But this collection is truly the epitome of freshness! Among "fresh" additions that are either not typically included in Eureka collections or have not been available from us at all before, we've included:

  • DropDuo 2-hole beads, which we added to our offer strictly with this collection in mind;
  • Preciosa Cornelian Star Rocaille seed beads, which have beautiful saturated colors and a stunning star-shape white core;
  • Natural mother of pearl nuggets, for all the natural beauty lovers;
  • A polymer clay fruit bead mix, with all sorts of fruit shapes, giving you loads of creative possibilities;
  • A custom Miyuki seed bead mix including 15/0s, several colors of 11/0s, and 3mm bugles.

In addition to these, inside the collection you will find : 4 tubes of seed beads, a strand of Firepolish beads, a strand of firepolish vertical drop beads, a tube of SuperDuos, a strand of 6mm crystal pearls, 6 crystal fancy stones, a pack of bicones, a strand of faceted crystal rondelles, a magnetic clasp, ear wires, a pack of bead caps, a pack of head pins, jump rings and a piece of chain. Talk about a complete package!

Our collections are one of our favorite products! Since they are not a subscription, they’re completely commitment-free; you just get the ones you like, and you can get as many as your heart desires. Plus, not only are they always a really great deal, they are a palette pre-selected for you by a designer, with all the best quality beads and findings, which, if you prefer, you can get from us separately as well. And isn’t a beautiful curated collection complete with an inspiration photo insert just the perfect gift for any creative person?

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8th Jun 2024 Aga O.

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