Crimps, Covers & Slides

Crimps, covers and slides are must haves for bringing your jewelry designs together and play an important role in any bead box. Crimps might look like tiny little tubes of metal, but they sure do hold jewelry together! Use crimp tubes to hold together and finish off any designs using beading wire such as Softflex. They come in different sizes and finishes. You can flatten the Crimp by using Crimping Pliers. You can integrate Crimp Covers into your design which are used to cover crimp tubes for a more finished look. Slide End Tubes can be used to finish stitched or loomed designs. Each Slide End Tube features a tab on the end that allows you to slide your project through the slot. 

Find Your Perfect Crimps, Covers & Slides for your jewelry designs

Crimps, covers, and slides are the secret and essential components of jewelry-making supplies. Crimp jewelry ends add a polished and professional finish to every design. High-quality crimps not only elevate jewelry creations but also ensure the security and durability of your jewelry pieces. Crimp beads have a seamless and polished finish, and every jewelry designer should have these findings in their beading toolkit.

  • Crimps: Crimp beads are small cylindrical beads mostly used to secure stringing materials such as beading wire and beads in place and are used for a wide variety of beading projects.
  • Crimp covers: These small findings can be used to conceal and protect crimp beads, cover any knots, and fill in any unwanted gaps in a jewelry project. The covers can be flattened with crimping pliers and will resemble a round bead when closed giving your jewelry a more refined appearance. Not only do they improve the aesthetic, but they also help prevent the crimp from snagging on skin, clothing, or any other objects.
  • Crimp tubes: These small metal findings are most commonly used for securing and fastening stringing materials and can also be used as spacers. Their strong and secure grip will ensure that your beads remain intact and will help prevent beads from slipping. For the closure of crimp tubes, crimping pliers can be used.
  • Slide end sets: These versatile sets are designed to complete seed bead woven creations. They are used for creating adjustable and stylish closures, for bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry pieces. They consist of a slide and end lobster clasp as well as a matching extender chain. The slide-end clasp is designed to hold and secure the end of a cord, ribbon, or flat leather strap and the extended chain allows for easy and adjustable sizing, ensuring a comfortable fit for the wearer. The slide-end tubes are ideal for completing multi-strand designs. For a quick and clean finish, use bead loomed designs, aluminum fabric, ball chain, seed beads, cup chain, creative wire, and other stringing wires for a neat and professional finish.
  • Slide end tube: Slide end tubes are cylindrical in shape and can be used to finish seed bead creations that have been loomed or stitched. They can be easily added to your project by folding tabs in and pinching the end caps closed around the project. They come in a variety of sizes and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your designs. You may easily add clasps to these pieces because they have loops attached to the sides. These tube ends are especially perfect for multi-strand designs that include chains and textiles like silk ribbon or crochet thread. With their sleek and streamlined design, slide-end tubes add a professional touch to jewelry designs, enhancing their overall aesthetic.

Type of finishing findings







-Base metal

-Stainless steel

-Sterling silver



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