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Step into the enchanting world of Eureka's Holiday Market, where the magic of the season comes alive! Explore our special Winter Wonderland and Christmas Beads categories with our handpicked selection of red, green, white and gold beads, sparkling gems, and holiday themed supplies.

Feel the joy of giving with our curated categories, including "Best Gifts for Beaders," where you'll find the perfect present for the creative souls in your life, or simply for yourself, because we can’t forget to treat ourselves this season as well.

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Best Gifts for Beaders & Eureka Gift Cards

Feel the joy of giving with our curated "Best Gifts for Beaders" category, where you'll find the perfect present for the creative souls in your life, or simply for yourself, because we can’t forget to treat ourselves this season as well.

As we celebrate the season, you can embrace the spirit of gift giving in a more personalized way with Eureka's Gift Cards. Share the love of beading with your friends and family this Christmas, allowing them to choose their own treasures. Get a Gift Card for your favorite bead lover or use this opportunity to let your loved ones select the supplies for their own gifts from you.

More Holiday Goodness to Come…

While our Holiday Market is open, keep your eyes peeled for special deals, new Christmas-themed products & more!

Here’s Some Holiday Inspiration Tutorials!

Get ready to infuse your holiday season with a touch of DIY magic! This Christmas Wreath Earrings project will put you in just the mood for the Holidays!


Get ready to add a touch of elegance to your Christmas decorations, or simply a bit of a fancy style to your 

house, with this simple but stunning beading tutorial!


Bring the magic of the North Star into your holiday decor with our captivating DIY beading tutorial! In this beginner-level tutorial, Aga will 

guide you through each step and share some extra tips on using these stainless steel snowflake bases.


In this tutorial Aga will show you how to make really quick and easy earrings that are simple but dazzling. You do need tools to make them (at least 2 kinds of pliers), but with the tools, they are beginner level to make, yet expert level when it comes to their classy, elegant look!


Watch this beading tutorial from Val Hirata 

and learn how to make your very own Beaded Pine Branch Earrings! 


Holiday Themed Beads & Supplies that we LOVE!

What’s Trendy this Holiday Season?

Follow the latest trends and innovations in the world of fashion and home décor to create jewelry and decoration that will rock this Christmas! Embrace this year’s holiday trends to infuse your jewelrymaking and beading projects with seasonal charm.


Design-forward 2023 trends include just what every beader knows and loves: glass, which has always been present during the Holiday season, but this time the light-reflecting shiny surfaces of crystal and glass facets really have their time to shine. Add to that some metallic accents in brass and chrome for a classy, decadent look, and you’re set, whether you are making ornaments or jewelry for Christmas. Warm, inviting colors like burgundy, bronze and peachy pink harmonize perfectly with classic holiday motifs, bringing a cozy feel to your creations. If minimalism is your style, that’s trendy, too! Indulge in understated decor with muted greens and soothing neutrals, add some transparent gem-toned ruby, emerald or sapphire glass or crystal centerpieces or beads and you are sure to wow everyone! You can also serve minimal style in the ever classic black & white—a combination which is coming back again this Christmas. Incorporating texture is another emerging trend for the 2023 holiday season. Experiment with different ways to achieve textural and three-dimensional effect in your jewelry and decorations, combining shiny, matte, satin and glittery surfaces, and mixing bead shapes and sizes into intricate beaded surfaces.