Eye Pins & Head Pins

Shopping for the best quality jewelry components? Eye Pins and Head Pins are a must have for beaders and jewelry makers alike. Eye pins may seem like simple little pieces of wire with a loop on one end, but they sure do go a long way in the beading world, by allowing you to attach jewelry components together. They are used by sliding either one or more beads onto the wire and cutting off the excess with a pair of wire cutters. You can finish off by making a loop on the other end with a pair of round nose pliers and connect to other components! Head pins are also thin pieces of wire however, they are different in that one end is either flattened or round, and this part is referred to as the “head.” It acts as a stopper, ensuring that beads will be secured. Headpins are often used to make dangles for jewelry designs, especially earrings. Both come in different lengths, finishes and gauges.

Use them with Swarovski Crystal Beads and & Pendants, Gemstones, Swarovski crystal Round Pearls, or TOHO Seed Beads. The possibilities are just endless!