Welcome to EurekaCrystalBeads, where you will find the lowest prices and best selection on high quality beads and jewelry making supplies. Whether you make jewelry for a hobby or a profession, are a DIY-er or a designer, we offer very low prices on all kinds of beads and components: Czech Glass, Swarovski Crystal, Czech firepolish, Toho Japanese seed beads, CzechMates, two hole beads, four hole beads, Swarovski Crystal Pearls, pewter from Israel, sterling silver from Europe and Thailand and base metal components such as earring wires, clasps, ring shanks, spacers, bead caps, head pins and eye pins and more! We have stringing materials includeing fireline, microfiber suede lace, leather cord in a variety of colors, rhinestone cup chain and rolo chain. Just take a look at what 2018 has to offer:

We specialize in Swarovski custom coatings, also known as aftermarket finishes, as well as special finishes on Czech pressed glass and firepolish beads. We also offer free patterns and have an expanding collection of jewelry making kits with all the materials and instructions included that are made by talented professonal beading designers as well as free patterns available for download. Browse our fast and easy to navigate website, stop by our blog to discover cool new projects and stay tuned to our Facebook posts.


Since 2004, Eureka Crystal Beads, a Rhode Island based company, has been committed to providing customers with not only the highest quality beading supplies, but the best customer experience available. We have worked hard to provide an exceptional shopping experience from our easy to search website design to our no nonsense and completely secure ordering to exhibiting in person at bead expos throughout the country. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the industry, constantly searching out the most unique and interesting products, techniques, methods and designers.

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We are an official SWAROVSKI Authorized Reseller, an exclusive distributor recognized by Swarovski and held to the highest standards by the company, a CREATE YOUR STYLE partner with Swarovski, we participate in the Swarovski events at Bead&Button and work closely with an elite group of designers including official Swarovski  Authorized Instructors. Our customers come from all over the world and represent  all levels of beaders, from hobbyists to world class professionals.


We strongly believe that beading is an art and a craft and as such it is a hands-on experience so we continue to do upwards of 20 bead shows per year to get the chance to speak with customers in person, introduce the latest arrivals and get feedback about our products. Nothing compares to having the opportunity to see and feel our beads, discover new favorites or have the chance to pick up a limited edition color or shape that won’t make it to our online store because we have some in such small quanties. It is in this collaborative spirit that we work with many different designers to create our exclusive make it yourself kits, devise new and interesting workshops and promote interaction and exchange between designers, beading enthusiasts, bead manufacturers and vendors.


The inspiration for our company name comes from the ancient story of Archimedes. When asked to determine if the king’s new crown was indeed pure gold, Archimedes discovered that by submerging an irregular shaped object in water, one could determine its volume and then calculate its density. So excited by this insight, he is said to have leaped out of his bathtub and run down the streets of Syracuse, shouting “Eureka!” – a Greek word meaning “I’ve found it!.” This flash of insight, this moment of discovery, this was the driving force behind Eureka Crystal Beads, our goal to elicit those kinds of reactions from beaders and designers as they discover the perfect color or shape or become inspired by our products to create amazing wearable artwork. We invite you to explore our website or join us at a bead expo near you and take part in this marvelous process of discov


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