Links & Connectors

Spice up your jewelry designs as well as craft projects by adding a link or a connector!

Links and connectors are findings that can be used to either add length in jewelry designs or as detail elements. Make multiple strand necklaces and bracelets and even dangling earrings. Links and connectors have multiple purposes and we have many shapes, finishes and sizes to choose from.

Perfect Connector or Link for Your Next Jewelry Design

Using jewelry connectors and links can help a jewelry design become reality. Understanding how they differ can be crucial. Links and connectors can be used as dangles and charms, both of which add length to jewelry designs. Our store offers many different shapes, sizes, and materials at varying prices. 

Get Unique Connectors for Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings

No matter what type of jewelry you make, having a stash of basic findings is essential. Aside from the typical jump rings, headpins and eyepins, it’s always a good idea to have some interesting design elements on hand that can add that extra little touch to your handmade jewelry creation. We all know how small things like cute charms can drive attention and lead to a sale, but have you considered using links and connectors in the same way? A link is essentially a charm with two loops, usually one on either end. You can keep things simple and connect either end to a delicate chain for a minimalist and dainty look that is perfect for layering or you can include the link as a central element along with beads, charms and more. The possibilities are endless! With connectors you can get even more creative. Many don’t have obvious loops but can be used as a base for beadweaving inside or around as well as simple wire wrapping. They are typically lightweight so they are especially excellent for earrings but are also really pretty for pendants.

How to Use Links & Connectors in Jewelry Making

You can add a single link to your project or you can use multiple links to create a full necklace or bracelet with connected links, it’s up to you! Add some beads or crystals in between for a pop of color and sparkle, pop on a clasp and you’re golden! Links are just as easy to use as charms, all you need is a jump ring and flat nose pliers and you can add them to any project. Links can also be used as charms with additional dangles. Just attach your link the same way you would a charm and then add a few beads on headpins to the bottom link and voila! You have a charm with some extra flair! Connector pieces can be either elaborate or simple. Choose the one which will go best with your design concept. An elaborate one usually doesn’t need a lot of dressing up and can stand on its own, a simple one is the perfect element to carry a lot of beads and crystals in many colors. Use a simple round connector and bead around it with brick stitch, increasing the size of your beads in each row for beautiful beaded circular earrings!