Bead Caps & Cones

Here is a wonderful way to enhance & add texture to your jewelry. So many charming shapes & finishes to choose from! Bead Caps go a long way in dressing up a bead. They are components that you can either string in between beads, cap a bead on one side and have it dangle, or frame a bead on both sides to make it the focal point of your design. 

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Find the Perfect Bead Caps for Your Jewelry

The right bead caps and cones provide a stylish finishing touch to any jewelry piece. Add unique elements and textures by using bead caps or cones. Bead caps are typically made of metal and are shaped like a cup. They can be deep or shallow, offering different effects with their use. You can position bead caps on either side of a round or faceted bead to add lovely texture and interest to your bead stringing project. A shallow bead cap can almost look like a metal spacer bead and a deep bead cap can actually go over and almost cover the entire bead, giving an organic and mysterious look, as if leaves were growing over the pretty glass bead beneath. There are lots of lovely ways to utilise bead caps. Cone findings can be used to accent around beads as well although they typically will not cover or swallow the entire bead they are positioned next to. However the usual use for beading cones is to elegantly cover up the connection of multiple strands in a multi strand bracelet or necklace and feed into a single strand for the closure. Cones can be long and ornate and become a significant part of the design or they can be a small and simple way to cover a mess of crimps and or knots in your design!

How to Use Bead Caps & Cones

Cones or bead caps may be used to break up a monotonous line of beads with elegant visual elements. Bead caps in particular tend to give designs an organic and vintage look and feel in your necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry. Cones are perfect for transitioning your jewelry design from the main element to the closure. You can make a bracelet using a simple beaded chain, feed the final loop of the chain through the cone and continue with jump rings or a more simple chain to create a less busy and more comfortable closure. Cones and caps are easy to use, you just string them on along with your beads. They can be used with beading thread like Fireline or Wildfire or beading wire like Beadalon. Some tips about bead caps are that many of them, especially the deeper ones, are quite malleable. You can add them around a bead and then gently press the cap to encase and encircle the bead. Using bead caps in a contrasting color to the bead beneath is also a great way to add style to your simple strung design. Try a bright gold bead cap over a jet black bead or an antique bronze bead cap around a sparkly bright blue bead. Use not only the contrast of colors but also finishes to increase the variety and look of your projects without having to make huge changes in the patterns. It’s a great way for vendors to offer up different designs for different tastes without a whole load of extra design work! 

Get a Wide Selection of Bead Caps & Bead Cones

You can add finishing touches to your pieces with bead caps and cones, which provide a professional, recognizable, and desirable appearance. Bead caps or cones can be added in several ways, depending on what type of material you are using. We carry bead caps and bead cones of every type and size. Our selection ranges from elaborate filigree or Tibetan style bead caps to minimalistic simple heavy cones. Go explore our collection today!