Emerging Spring Collection


"My collection is inspired by the beauty of the first flowers of spring as they slowly yet eagerly reach through the earth toward the sun. Trees once bare are now dotted with bright green buds and the air smells fresh and sweet. Under a soft blanket of snow, the vivid blues and greens of spring peek through, awakening, reminding us that Mother Earth is unstoppable. Spring has come. Be inspired…"

Emerging Spring

The first Collection in our 2021 Designer Series, created in collaboration with YouTube star Stephanie of Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry, is a stunning early spring color palette. Just as the early flowers emerge from the earth with delicate pale green leaves and soft yearning petals, this fresh new Collection is here to breathe life into your creative spirit with a beautiful coordinated palette of periwinkle and royal blues, creamy beiges and soft green tones punctuated with earthy browns and topaz. 

Our Collections are an innovative combination of the highest quality Japanese seed beads, Swarovski and Preciosa crystal, Czech glass, beautiful findings and more! All the colors are carefully selected by trained designers to create a beautiful, cohesive collection that will inspire you to create breathtaking designs.

This is not a subscription. You can purchase the whole Collection at a significant discount or pick and choose just the items you like individually. It's up to you!