Supplies offers the highest quality tools and jewelry making supplies. We offer Fireline Beading Thread, Softlex Beading Wire, Artistic Wire and a nice selection of quality beading needles made by Tulip Needles and Pony Needles. We offer a large selection of colors in microfiber ultra suede, used in bead embroidery. You may also get here adhesives for your next beading project.

Beading Supplies

Whether you’re an experienced jewelry maker or someone who has only recently taken up a love of crafting, you’re going to need some good supplies to get the job done well and make pieces that stand out from the rest. The beading supplies that you choose will have an impact on the final quality of your finished piece, as well as how long it lasts.

From beads and pearls to chains and clasps, there are a variety of different beading supplies that can help you create all kinds of designs!

Get the Highest Quality Beading Supplies

No matter what type of jewelry you are making, there is always a need for the right beading supplies that you'll need to get the job done. It's important that these supplies are not only high quality but also highly affordable. Beads and bead-related items can easily become expensive, so it's worth it to do your research before purchasing any beading supplies online.

Quality beading supplies will have much longer life spans than their less expensive counterparts. This means that in order to get your money’s worth, you might need to purchase fewer beads with a higher price tag at first. Luckily, at Eureka Crystal Beads, we have everything bead related under one roof! From beads to chains, wires, findings, and more – we have it all.

For example, did you know that inexpensive seed beads are incredibly variable in shape and size? To get a beautiful seamless beadwoven pattern, you need to spend time culling out the irregular shaped beads and only use the beads which are similar in dimension. However, if you purchase high quality brand name Japanese or Czech seed beads, the variability is greatly diminished so more of the beads you get are usable! Some seed beads like the stunning Aiko beads from Toho are pre culled by hand before packaging so you get perfectly shaped and sized beads every time! The price is higher but the quality is unbeatable and you save loads of time!

Shop for Tools and Jewelry Making Supplies Online

If you are looking for the best beading supplies online, we at Eureka Crystal Beads are here to help you. Our company offers a wide variety of jewelry-making supplies that cover many different needs and interests. We offer everything from beads such as glass seed beads, Czech beads, bead embroidery products like Ultrasuede, tools and needles, findings, thread and wire plus useful accessories like bead mats, beading trays and so much more to make your projects come together. Choose from our vast selection of products and create beautiful pieces today!

Find anything from beads, supplies and wire and cord to amazing crystals and gems as well as beading tools – it’s all right here waiting for you with shipping worldwide!