Toho DEMI 8/0 Seed Beads CRYSTAL BABY PINK LINED 2.5" Tube

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DEMI™ ROUND 8/0: Made by using the most cutting edge technology while combining Eastern precision with Western aesthetics, the size 8 TOHO Demi™ Seed Bead with it's classic disc shape, allows for a denser look in all kind of stitches. The Demi™ 8/0 is a thinner version of the traditional 8/0 round Japanese seed bead with the same hole size and diameter.  

  • Color: Crystal Baby Pink Lined (color code #1082)
  • Shape: Size 8 Demi™ Round Seed Bead 
  • Material: Japanese glass 
  • Measurements: 3 mm in diameter and 1.15 mm thick
  • Hole size: 1 mm, fits up to 18 gauge wire or thread (.040 inch)
  • Quantity: sold in 2.5” plastic tubes by 8 gram, approximately 590 beads