Krakovski Crystal Cushion Fancy Stone 16mm TANZANITE



Tanzanite Square Rivoli also called the Cushion Stone, or the Square Fancy Stone is one of the most alluring stones. This stone does not have a hole. It has a large, perfectly polished front facet and the princess cut on the sides and the bottom. The princess cut makes this stone shine like a real diamond. An affordable good quality alternative to Swarovski crystal, Eureka’s NEW exclusive line of crystal beads and stones, Krakovski® Crystal will satisfy all your beading and jewelry needs! Please note that due to the manufacturing process, variations in color may occur from batch to batch similar to Czech Firepolish beads or fabric dye lots.

Krakovski Crystal Cushion Fancy Stone 16mm TANZANITE Specifications:

  • Color:Tanzanite
  • Brand: Krakovski Crystal
  • Shape: Square Rivoli Cushion Stone
  • Material: Crystal 
  • Measurements: 16 mm 
  • No-hole Stone 
  • Quantity: sold by 1 piece